Fall trip video

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How late into the year will you continue to go to Powell? I'm thinking of going this weekend. Got to scratch my bass itch!
I fish at least once a week all winter long. I caught my biggest striper on January 31st. Striper fishing actually improves as the water temperature drops into the 50s which moves the shad out of the shallows and into deep water. Then stripers school up in big groups to chase migrating shad and we can catch them on spoons in BIG numbers.
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The last two years previous we went into early November and even ran into some boils (trachyte). And like Wayne mentioned, hopefully we can start heading down at least one more time in the middle of winter to chase stripers, that would be fun.
Thanks for the video Preston and Nixon, we really enjoyed it.
My son fished Stanton from the shore last weekend and caught some nice large, small, and catfish!
Got us thinking pretty seriously about meeting him at Hite next (Thanksgiving) weekend.
We might make it, if the weather holds...
Great Video!
Happy Thanksgiving...
Bill is right! Nixon is a fisherman! "Taught" or not, it says a lot about you...and is impressive. We really get a kick out of watching him in the videos. my wife and I laugh about trying to become as good of a fisherman as Nixon! Our grand daughter (10) is quite a fisherman as well. She and her dad spend a lot of time on the water. I think she and Nixon would make quite a team! LOL
The weather forecast is looking pretty promising fore next weekend, it is pretty tempting!:)
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