Face Canyon to Rock Creek- Sept 8-10


We fished a large boil just outside the entrance to Last Chance on the east side Friday morning. Lasted off and on for more than 2 hrs from 7:30 to 9:30 AM with many smaller boils popping up around us. We caught too many to count. Saturday was slower in the striper boil department with few showing up in that same area. We cruised around near Face and Padre Butte but we were not able to locate a lot of top water action. We did well trolling the area near Last Chance and were marking a lot of fish in the 40' - 60' foot range where we encountered the large boil the previous day. We cruised the area from Last Chance up into Rock Creek and the few splashes we saw on Saturday were short lived and small numbers.

Sunday we got into a good boil in Dry Creek in a north side cove. The entire cove was filled with stripers and for about an hour we pounded them as they worked in and out of the cove. Black and silver rattletraps as well as topwater lures worked well for us. The fish were smaller than those we found near Last Chance but the action was good. We also did well on some topwater lures (poppers, and sammys) along the shady rocky shorelines of Dry Creek. Not large smallmouth but pretty consistent action. We also encountered another boil back near Last Chance later that morning around 9:30 AM, The three of us were able to catch several nice stripers each (3-5 lbs) out of that boil which lasted for 30 min. We also picked up several more each after the boil subsided. I attached a picture of my graph while we were jigging them.
Cruised back to wahweap mid day and did not see any more surface action. We did speak to two fishermen that had been fishing Padre Bay Sunday morning who said they found some good boils on the east side of the bay Sunday Morning.


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