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  1. Squirrel

    Squirrel Well-Known Member

    Ticaboo is now offering 89 octane premium, ethanol free gas. Today it was $304.9/gal. The pump is at the motel complex, 2 miles North of Offshore Marina. Availability should be 24/7 as they are pay at the pump. Sq
  2. bobco

    bobco Well-Known Member

    must be good stuff for $304 a gallon lol, $3.04 don't sound to bad!
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  3. woodhead

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    I have a 150 gallon gas tank that I just attached to my wave runner trailer. I will be filling my house boat up with this gas and skipping the ethanol gas thank you..... well done Ticabo.
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  4. Amigo

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    Wonder if they'll also put a pump at Offshore to take some of the demand off the one pump at Ticaboo?

    Summer's coming!
  5. Joel Belmont

    Joel Belmont Member

    Awesome! Glad someone has it.
  6. woodhead

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    I was talking to Bill at JNB houseboat haven and he told me that he is selling 91 octane non ethanol. No idea what price but that may be another great option!
  7. Squirrel

    Squirrel Well-Known Member

    It will not be easy to fill a houseboat at Ticaboo. I think that a transfer system will be the only option. JNB may be a little easier, but not so much. Sq
  8. TR.

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    Squirrell, your retirement is killing me.

  9. PowellBride

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    The answer is margaritas to keep him busy
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