Eclipse Saturday the 14th.

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not surprised to hear of your background.
will mention now - great staging/choreography of
the family…..eclipse image on the phone & usa flag
in background. can’t beat that.
To anyone who may be at Good Hope Bay this next Saturday (oct 14) at 10:30 AM, please get some spectacular photos of the Total Solar Eclipse. It will be passing almost directly over you. With the canyon walls and overall Powell beauty, should be awesome. Unfortunately, I can't be there, but I would love to see someone post some photos of it.
Oh, and maybe a fishing report to go along with them!


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Not at Good Hope, but at Bears Ears area. Somehow, a small image of the partial eclipse filtered through the gaps in the remaining stone wall of an Ancestral Pueblo site. Others taken via iPhone through eclipse glasses. I, too, would love to see one above the cliffs at Powell, but it’s darn near impossible unless you layer two different exposures over each other, far above my abilities.
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