Easy Hikes Near Bullfrog

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Hiker - Dan Staples

Easy Hikes Near Bullfrog - April 2008

Lake Elevation 3590

Bullfrog Campground to Old Ferry Dock

DIRECTIONS: As you arrive in Bullfrog, the campground is directly across from the Sinclair station. At the far end of Loop B you will find the hike sign with the walker in white on a brown background.

The hike is about a half mile and has a couple of places where the trail splits and then comes back together so you can do the different portion of the splits going and coming. The trail is lined by stones much of the way and has stone cairns on the portions on rock.

There are a couple of places where you have to scramble a bit but you can walk around them easy enough. A quick and easy trail with typical scenery.

Pedestal Alley Trail

DIRECTIONS: Leaving Bullfrog, just after you leave the Recreation Area gates, you see a rode leading to Escalante and Burr Trail. About 6 miles down that paved road, you see the Pedestal Alley trailhead sign and a small parking area on the other side of the road.

The trail is mostly flat for about half a mile out. There are a few balanced rocks and the way is marked by stone cairns that take a bit of looking at times.

Novice hikers should pay a little attention as the trail winds a bit around terrain features that can be confusing on return. Watch your own footsteps coming back if you can, otherwise take note of the rocks and ridges as you go over harder terrain on the way out.

There is one small area where you have to scramble just the tiniest bit. Easier trail with a nice spot at the end that seems miles from anywhere.
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