Dumping Snow!

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robert martin

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It's been piling up snow at my place near Steamboat! 18" already, heavy WET Snow!

Issued at 1126 AM MDT Thu May 18 2017

Upgraded the northwest Colorado valleys, including Craig, Meeker,
Hayden and Steamboat (COZ002-005) to a Winter Storm Warning around
1030 am this morning. Already received reports of 8 inches in
Steamboat, Yampa and Craig as well as 5 to 7 inches around and to
the north of Hayden. Models and time heights over the Steamboat
area indicate strong lift through this evening as well as a TROWAL
signature evident on the northern side of the low creating areas
of overrunning as the surface temps among these northern valleys
remain below freezing and will not warm up much throughout the day
due to persistent cloud cover. This should keep precipitation as
all snow for areas north of I-70 where the best overrunning and
dynamics are occurring with heavy snow bands setting up over some
areas. The dynamical support and TROWAL signature lessens and
shifts eastward this evening, so decided to extend the Winter
Storm Warning for COZ002 and COZ005 until midnight tonight.
We have 14"+ West of Evergreen, Co. at 8800' and still coming down. It is heavy wet snow and compacting itself as it falls. Lots of much needed moisture in this storm. Sq
It is so nice of members to give a location such as this when reporting on weather conditions. Many of us do not know where you live with only the name to go by.
Thank you Squirrel!
Feel sorry for you guys but I hope it keeps coming. We did not quite hit 80 today in Cottonwood and my fish need all the water they can get!
Yet the Glenwood Springs Post today saying Aspen only expecting "average" runoff for the Roaring Fork.
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