Drought, warming shrink Colorado River article link

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Issues' started by Outside, Mar 1, 2017.

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    Has the writer looked at the snowmaps lately! The last time I remember they looked this good was a long time ago!
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    After reading the article, I have a couple of observations. First let me state I am not an educated man. It seems the research is based on temperature and precipitation data. It does however not include any wind data which in my opinion may play a bigger part then the 1.6F degree temperature rise. Second, while he does reference the current snowpack and precipitation numbers he must be smoking some of that recreational/medical bio-herb to reach his conclusions
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    It's from the Associated Press. The author has probably never even been to the lakes out here and is regurgitating what he has heard..........
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    researchers Brad Udall of Colorado State University and Jonathan Overpeck of the University of Arizona.
    HMMM! A researcher named Udall from a leftist indoctrination center in the recreational pot capital of the country and another from the Peoples Republic of Tucson?

    Can't take much stock in that one!
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