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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Recreation' started by Tim Fortier, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. Tim Fortier

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    Jackson Hole water , Does it go to the green river?
  2. WaterMan

    WaterMan Well-Known Member

    From the map of the area it looks like it flows to the snake river and to Salt Lake.
  3. hook up!!

    hook up!! Well-Known Member

    I would think it goes into the snake river and continues west
  4. Dorado

    Dorado Well-Known Member

    Yellowstone and Grant Teton are the headwaters of the Snake River, the largest tributary of the Columbia River.

    It has almost 3X the discharge of the entire Colorado River.....
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  5. PBH

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    the South Fork of the Snake River flows from Jackson Lake to Palisades, then down to the confluence of the Henry's Fork near Rexburg (excellent trout fishery!). It then flows west across Idaho turning north past Boise, to Lewiston and into Washington where it joins the Columbia at Kennewick.

    The Green River drainage is on the other side of the mountains (east) from Jackson in the Wind River mountains.


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  6. Mark

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    Yes, the Snake, Not to the GSL. Snake flows to the Columbia.