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Mack Hoopes

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Have a great story for all of you. We were up on Powell the end of May and first weeks of June. One morning we decided to go to West Canyon early in the morning to see if we could replicate a trip we did some years earlier with mirror glass water in the canyon. While it didn't prove to be as good one thing did happen that was very unique.
As I was driving by boat to the back of the canyon (very slowly) my eye caught a glimpse of what I thought was an animal on a secluded rock outcropping. I mentioned to my friend that I saw something move. We continued on to the back reaches of the canyon and then turned around to come out. I said to my daughter and my best friend lets stop and see if there was something there. As so we did.
We pulled up to this slick rock outcropping with no apparent exit or entrance from the side of the canyon and there sure enough was something. It was a smallish (maybe 15 pound) dog on the slick rock. We pulled up with the boat. We found a new pair of women's tennis shoes and two water bottles on the edge of the rock. The dog was very skittish and we walked around to see if there was any sign of someone that was there or had stayed on the rock. We found nothing. No trash, no fire, no footsteps, nothing. Her ribs were showing so we could tell she had been there some time already. The dog finally came up to us. She clearly hadn't eaten in sometime and ate some treats that we offered. There was nobody in the back of the canyon and we only saw one houseboat and one run-a-bout camping in the canyon. We decided to bring the dog with us and ask each of the campers if it was theirs. It did not belong to either camp nor had they seen anyone back in the canyon the previous day or that day except for us.
We were worried because this little (looked like a small collie mix, mostly black with some white and brown) was so hungry yet so mild mannered. We brought her back to our camp and provided some shade on the beach for the morning (my houseboat doesn't allow dogs on the boat). We gave her some food and water and the dog sat quietly in the shade and would interact with the small kids that came over to give it some attention. Never heard it bark the whole time we had her with us.
Mid-day my best friend was going home and he decided to take the dog to the animal shelter in Page that is by the Maverick gas station on the Highway. They took her and said that they would check for a microchip and put pictures on local WEB sites that the dog had been found. She was the sweetest thing. We named her Powellene. My friend told them that if they didn't find an owner to call him and he would take the dog.
Well today they called my friend and said that they found the owners. She was a sheep hearding dog from the homes that are south of West Canyon.
We are so overjoyed to hear the news that this sweet little dog found her home.
We don't know how she got onto that rock outcropping. There was no way to come over the edge, it was steep cliffs.
So glad we felt the urge to take her into safety and so happy to hear she found her home.
A touching story.

One of my goals before my time on this Earth ends is to be as good of a friend to animals as the many animals I've known have been to me. It's a very high bar and I don't know if I can ever make it but I will keep trying.

Thank you for the story and your kindness to the little one,
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