Dog Days of Summer - A word of warning.

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Last month we spent a week at the lake on the houseboat. We store a pontoon boat there to have with us for fun when we visit. Upon leaving the lake I decided to leave the fishing boat in the storage and bring the pontoon home for some much needed maintenance. A couple of weeks later I headed back down and picked up the fishing boat and brought it back home. A couple of days ago I took the fishing boat out and when I went to some of my 'go-to' lures this is what I found. Even though the lures were in a tackle case within a bag under the boat tarp things obviously got a little hot. I probably lost a couple hundred dollars in good lures from them melting in the heat.


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Wow. Don't think I would have ever thought that would happen.

I used to store our boat (had a black cover) along the side of our house. The heat under the cover caused all the pads on our water sports equipment (knee board, Sky Ski, etc) to separate from the adhesive. Downside of hot weather I guess. Haven't had that problem since the boat is now stored inside.
That is not cool. Maybe your on to something though. I bet fish get tired of seeing the same lures all the time. These melted lures will look like injured bait fish swimming erratically and the fish will go crazy for them. Thanks for the heads up!
I got some of them as well, some still run and rattle ok and some don't. I haven't had any more since I started keeping my tackle below deck and the boat stored in the garage.
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