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I just have to say how beautiful lake Powell is I was very impressed! I guess stripers are getting expensive for Pennsylvania to stock in Raystown lake back here in Pa. Too bad there was not a way to transplant some of your excess stripers to Raystown.

As far as fishing out of Bullfrog We basically went to the main lake located the stripers along the steep walls. Seemed like the stripers would be throughout the water column then leave just a short time to round up the bait and heard them back to the cliff. We spent most of the time fishing between 30 and 50 ft we used a ¾ oz jig with a white grub (gulp). The jig seem to activate the stripers then had success with the anchovies we purchased at the boat storage on the way into bullfrog, sometimes with a little weight and sometimes they liked no weight. We never went more than a couple miles up our down lake.

Feel free to share Wayne and thanks again!
Tight Lines!
David Nellis


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I see dinosaur tracks in the first picture!!
I thought that looked like tapestry wall but thats more than a couple miles from BF. As many times as I've been by it, I have never seen the dinosaur tracks. Where are they?
The dinosaur tracks are tough to find unless you have someone to show you. But, if you get right up next to the wall, look up about 3/4 of the way. You will need to find a small outcropping...the tracks are underneath that outcropping or crack.

I'm not sure that pic is of Tapestry wall. Can somebody confirm? To me, it looks like the cliffs just south of Halls Crossing and on the opposite side of Halls Creek Bay. But, I could definitely be wrong.
That is Tapestry. Here are the tracks:


Wow that’s cool! Now please tell me how to find this wall. Is it up stream from bullfrog? My 7 year old grandson is all about anything dinosaur. I’d be his hero forever if I could show him something like this. Well for a few hours any way
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