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    2008 Destination pontoon (large pontoons). Coast Guard Documentation.
    65'x18'. 1.5' wide catwalks with handrails.
    Duel engine flybridge.
    30' party top with wet bar, 2 frigs, ice maker, 3 built in lounges.
    All recently screened in. Wet slide and recently installed davit.
    15KW generator. 8 batteries, 2500w inverter, 4 solar panels.
    Two 150 hp Honda outboards...port engine=535 hours total time. starboard eng. = 482 hours.
    Electric bow and stern thrusters.
    Garmin navigation.
    Forward and down looking sonar.
    Rudder position indicator at both helms.

    4 fuel tanks (2 are considered toy tanks) 450 gal. capacity.
    110 gal fresh water tank with water maker system using lake water going through 3 filters, and ultraviolet light.
    2 hot water heaters for lake and fresh water (electric or propane powered).
    Two 100 gal. waste tanks with gray water diverter valves should dumping grey water into lake become illegal.
    2 ton geo-thermal cooling and heating system.

    3 bedrooms.
    2 heads-bathrooms-showers. (Master bedroom has a TV)
    Clothes washer and dryer.
    Kitchen with center island...trash compactor, gas range, propane-electric frig., dish washer.
    Living room entertainment system with wide screen Pioneer TV.
    Large propane Frostec freezer on front deck.
    Much more stuff.

    Located at Antelope Point slip 3A20.
    Has its own trailer at AP dry storage...(included).
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  2. Lake Bum

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    Well I've never actually been aboard your boat Jay, but I have seen it many times, and it is a NICE BOAT! Someone will definitely love it. I know how much you guys loved having it :cool:
  3. weeds

    weeds Well-Known Member

    Dropped the price from $250k to $220k.
    Just spent 10 days (Dec. 30 to Jan. 8th) on the lake with her, everything running smoothly.
    First time I've driven from the slip to the AP pump-out and falling snow (28 degrees). Fun.
    (Thanks for the kind words Lake Bum! Driving to and from the lake was an adventure in Flagstaff, but we missed most of the heavy stuff)

  4. weeds

    weeds Well-Known Member

  5. weeds

    weeds Well-Known Member

  6. BartsPlace

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    Nice boat. Wish I were in a position to act on it, but I'm still a few years away... :(
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  7. Powelldreamer

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    Wow what a great boat at a great price.
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  8. weeds

    weeds Well-Known Member

    Thanks you all.
    I kinda agree. :):):p
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    Did anybody watch the Lake Powell TV3 (Arizona) feature this morning?
    Lasted 3 hours from 7 to 10 am.
    It was mostly out of Wahweap, but there were some Antelope Point shots...mostly the restaurant.
    Good show.
    Where was Wayne during the fishing part??:eek:
    And for some reason they didn't show Cropduster! :(
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  10. Powelldreamer

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    The nerve of some people not to include 2 of Lake Powell's most infamous persons.
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  11. weeds

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    Just returned from two weeks at Antelope Point.
    The Memorial Day Weekend seemed much slower than usual.
    Will be heading back up in a week or so...
    Spiders are starting early due to many knats...apparently due to water level rising so fast.
    Great weather.
    Lowered Cropduster price again.
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  12. weeds

    weeds Well-Known Member

    Back again from a fairly short work trip (June 25 to 28).
    Great hamburgers at AP restaurant and RD's as usual (flew solo without Mrs. weeds).
    Not quite so many spiders but they seemed larger...lots of knat food I guess.
    The Home Defense bug spray was super. Spent most of first day spraying.
    And second day hosing off a few thousand spider bodies...and cleaning Cropduster in general.
    The crowds at AP not quite as large for pre-July 4th. But many houseboats were out on the lake.

    Honda's fuel/water separaters and all plugs changed.

    Decided to drop the price to $160,000.

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  13. Squirrel

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    Jay, put it on the trailer and sell it as a condo. Just bringing the Cropduster back to the top, where it deserves to be. Sq
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  14. weeds

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    Thanks Squirrel, but it might get a bit warm up in AP's dry storage.

    A lady looked at it last Tuesday without her husband. One of Cropduster's big sell items is that its interior is "wife friendly".
    So I was hopeful.
    Linda does a pretty good "sell job" concerning the galley and much storage/cabinet space.
    I have no clue how to sell anything. So the boat will mostly have to sell itself.
  15. sphoppie

    sphoppie New Member

    Weeds do you have any more pictures of the upper deck?
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  16. weeds

    weeds Well-Known Member

    Went thru several million photos and have found a "few".
    Next is figuring out how to post on this new web site.
    Will get back to you.
  17. weeds

    weeds Well-Known Member

    This is my second attempt at posting photos.
    Here are two shots of Cropduster's left side top.
    We were in Annie's Canyon about 2011 or 12.
    This was before the new screening all around (done 2 years ago).
    At the right in the first photo you can see the center island. On the right side is the ice maker.
    To the left of it, at the center of the island is one of the friges.
    To the left of it, on the left side of the island is the sink and storage area underneath. IMG_1424.JPG IMG_1420.JPG
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  18. weeds

    weeds Well-Known Member

    Center shot shows two built in lounges with backs facing forward on each side of my friend.
    To his left and behind is a long lounge running fore and aft.
    Just in the back is the beginning of the center island.
    To his right is the top helm.
    To the left of it are the stairs from below. (They are sloped an extra 4 ft. for my mother-in-law when she was alive. But it makes it easy for running up and down.)
    Under all the lounges and helm are storage areas.

    IMG_1436.JPG IMG_1435.JPG The 4 solar panels are easy to see.
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  19. weeds

    weeds Well-Known Member

    Starboard side.
    Box in center aft is a mattress box, inside is a huge leather-like cushion for anyone wanting to sleep on top. It also holds stuff like bech chairs, tiki torches etc.
    Port and Starboard side aft are two large seats and much storage under each. On the left I have a kayak davit now (not in photo). IMG_1444.JPG IMG_1438.JPG
    The long box along the port side in front of the corner seat I use for tools and anchor straps/ratchets.
    Again, you can see the 3 fixed lounges forward.
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  20. weeds

    weeds Well-Known Member

    Few more top shots of Cropduster with the new screening.
    First one looking forward over helm-frig, helm and fixed lounges.
    2nd one looking forward over center island, helm-frig, helm.

    Second two show the island, sink, frig, and ice maker.

    Last three looking aft, (one through the aft screening) IMG_5851.JPG IMG_5860.JPG IMG_5857.JPG IMG_5858.JPG IMG_5750.JPG .
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