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As mentioned in "Yard Sale".....

Cropduster has been sold. (Last Friday) Took about 13 months.
You guys just waited too long.
But the new owners are great…she couldn’t have any better. They’ve been on a Wahweap based houseboat for the past 17 years.

Of course I’m both sad and happy. The pressure on us will definitely drop several levels.
Powell has always been the place to forget everything bad or stressful…which is why we’ll try to get back on occasion.
The past 40 years on the lake were the best…Powell is a true sanctuary.

During the survey we discovered…as expected…a lot of mussels. The pontoons and lower engine drives were probably 60%+ covered. During the test drive on the lake, just before retrieval, she would only do 6 kts. (3200 rpm on both Honda’s)
After cleaning and relaunching she did the usual 7.2 kts. Lot of drag huh?

I’ll keep reading WW and watch developments. You’re a great bunch, and I hope you can keep Wayne in line….he needs a lot of watching. :p:p

Jay don't be a stranger.... It's always been great when you and Linda made it to the north rally's. Always like the "colors you two brought amungst everything else"
Ya' Todd, they were quite the sight at the rallies.
Merry Christmas to you & Linda. Sorry to hear about the Cropduster. Sq
Thanks for keeping watch on me up close and from afar. One of the many WW's friends. I hope your new life is as exciting as the old days spent on Crop Duster.
Thanks everybody...I appreciate all the nice sentiment.
Means a lot.

Did manage to bring home most of my...ah..."wardrobe"...not sure what I'll do with it. Also saved my favorite navel hat...used for the "Vice Admiral Lord Blowhard" character...while terrorizing the high seas. Lot of fun.
(Taken from "Vice-Admiral Horatio Nelson", also "1st Viscount Nelson"..... "1st Duke of Bronté". )

British flag officer in the Royal Navy. Noted for his inspirational leadership, superb grasp of strategy, and unconventional tactics, which together resulted in a number of decisive naval victories..................reminded me of myself. :D:p:confused:

Hope you guys get the Shad Rallies going again.



Always a pleasure to experience your expertise on all things LP. I know we’ll still get the occasional fabulous input on the board. Best wishes in your new areas of focus.
Weeds -- few questions -- you had a very nice houseboat, loved the lake, offered many people advise ....... what made you decide to get out? I know some of us have considered getting out for numerous reasons --- what were yours?
A sad tale to tell. It's a little longer than I anticipated.
Strictly money.

Our financial planner of the last 10 years screwed up huge in 2015...and lost a big percentage of our savings. After putting pencil to paper, it was obvious we would never make it to our "anticipated" boat selling date 7 years from now (when I turned 80). Selling our house was not in the cards. We absolutely did not want to share ownership or rent Cropduster somehow. So for us, the only option was to sell. It is safe to say the last 3 years have been the worst 3 years of our life.

However there was one exception: Our one month trip in August, 2016 to Switzerland....and the opportunity to fly in my old Connie (Lockheed L-1049). Linda and I were invited to fly and stay free in Switzerland as long as they could write a magazine article of the olden days. And I showed them my old log books and 43 year old photos (Linda was in several of those pictures, we had been married about 9 months). It was the very same airplane.

Only two Connie's are left that can fly with passengers...(the other being in Australia). I flew her in 1973/74 when she was a cropduster, spraying the forests in Quebec, Canada. It was an incredible coincidence that that airplane wasn't junked or crashed until the Swiss bought her and flew her to Europe (around 2003).

She's still flying after 63 years. (Started out as an Air Force C-121 in 1955...and eventually wound up in Tucson's Davis Monthan AFB bone yard in the early 70's).

The people we stayed with in Switzerland want to see Powell close and personal after listening to many of our stories and seeing a thousand photos. (He is one of Connie's flight engineers and main maintenance guy...his wife is Connie's flight attendant...both great people.) We hope to rent a HB in a year or two and have them over. That would really be neat.
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I am sorry I pulled that scab back off--- I am very sorry to hear of the loss, but can only imagine the joy of seeing that actual plane 44 years later --- wow
wishing you well
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