Crappie and walleye

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Down at Bullfrog right now. Went up to cedar canyon today lookin for crappie and walleye and only got one walleye. Any good places for these two? Thought it would be easy findin trees for crappie but it has not. Thanks!
In my experience, the trees that are really obvious get pounded by anglers and are seldom any good fishing. Our best luck on Crappies is finding smaller sunken trees like tamarisk or big balls of tumbleweeds....Ya gotta look for them;)
Got into bluegill in lake canyon. Filled a cooler and caught about 40. Also caught a couple smallmouth and largemouth. Really got into the stripers throwing war eagles into “slurps” in the mornings and bait fishing surging the day. Caught around 100 stripers in 3 days. All of them were far and healthy


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