Comparing Wahweap with Antelope Marinas


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I'm wondering how the folks on this forum like their marina, and especially how anyone who knows both southern marinas might compare them?

(FYI, I had a houseboat at Bullfrog for seven years and a cruiser at Antelope for the past two.)

From recent posts on the Aramark's New Slip Prices thread the slip price there is about $17 per foot, while it is about $18 per foot at Antelope. And for me, coming from the north, I'd shave 30 minutes or so car time if I kept my boat at Wahweap, but maybe save a few minutes boat time going up lake from Antelope. I like Antelope's on-lake restaurant a little better, but Wahweap does have a second nearby restaurant.

However, on the most important issues, like responsiveness of marina staff and management, quality and cost of repair, cleaning and other services, etc. I don't have any basis for comparison.

Would anyone like to weigh in on comparing the two southern marinas?


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Don't know much about long term storage pros/cons, but I love 'em both for all the reasons you've enumerated. My fave part of Wahweap is the welcome view, and the memory every single drive to the launch pad of my initial visit to the lake.


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While I am a Bullfrog transplant to Wahweap, I will chime in. When I was looking for a southern houseboat, I was at both marinas. I liked Antelope a little better. I decided against it for launching reasons in low water times. Right now there is only 4 feet of water on the ramp. There is 14 feet through the cut. Anyway that is my $0.02 worth.