Clearer skys since NGS shutdown?


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My observation is the sky is noticeably clearer around Page/Lake Powell since NGS shut down in mid-December 2019. I was on the lake over the holidays, and am on the lake enjoying this long weekend, and on both trips, the constant very light haze that seemed to always be around Page in the past has not been present.

I'm curious if any others and the local Page residents have noticed a difference - or if I just got lucky on my sample size of 2.


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One would think there is at least one PhD dissertation underway to study this issue. I checked AirNow and they don't have an air quality index for Page. The air must be cleaner since the shutdown, but who knows if it's measurable or perceptible. It was always hotly debated whether NGS was responsible for haze at the Grand Canyon and GCNRA. Westerly winds brought us CA pollution that may be the primary source of visible air quality problems. Of course, wildfires are always a problem.
But we are glad that generally our lake sky is clear and gorgeous!
It looks clear over my house on Elk Rd, Page. I took a hike behind the Page airport yesterday and had a unobstructed view of the closed power plant. I’m pondering if it is just a big waste of money or are we really going to get clearer sky’s out of the closure? I did not like it when the power plant was constructed but now it’s sort of become a landmark for coming down the lake.