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Cathedral In The Desert


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Has anyone been to Cathedral In The Desert this year with the water lower? Is it hard to get to? And has anyone found a new place they enjoyed visiting this year with the water lower?


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I was there at the beginning of April, water was about 4 feet higher than today, about half of the floor of the main part was exposed. Plenty of dry land for walking around. As mentioned above, you would not be able to get up the waterfall. It took a little over two hours from Bullfrog, floating restrooms available at the Rincon and the mouth of the Escalante arm. Lots of side canyons to visit on the way there and back. It's an easy short day excursion on the 9 - 3 winter rental hours, probably easier with the longer summer rental hours. I think it was about 30 gallons of gas with a 150 HP outboard.
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During the low water years in the early 2000’s, there was a rope anchored here if you wanted to climb to the top of the waterfall and hike further up the stream. As the level continues to drop this summer, another drop off/waterfall will be exposed just before this spot.
In some of the “higher” low water years back then, the water level allowed dropping people off the bow sprit onto the top of the waterfall shown in your photo.
A short hike/wade/swim to the twin arches in Lehi canyon is also a fun adventure at current low levels if you have the fuel range. The waterfall at the top of the plunge pool found at the end of the right fork beyond the double aches, if safely accessible, is worth the effort also. When the water is high enough to gain access to the narrow canyon above the Lehi waterfall/plunge pool, a short hike puts you in an incredible fern garden that seems out of place in the desert.
Obviously my preference is for full pool again, but this summer puts seeing Gregory arch exposed again on the bucket list depending on the DR fuel issue being restored. We’re being dealt lemons here, but there is some lemonade to be made by enjoying the many new buried treasures soon to be exposed.


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In 2019 we went over this fall up creek to the second fall in the boat, I like the cathedral at high water myself. It makes it accessible to so many more people, and also those that can’t make the hike.
Can’t wait for the lake to fill again.