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Cathedral in the Desert - Before and After the Storms of Aug/Sept 2021


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There are a lot of great photos of Cathedral in the Desert that others have posted to this site already, but I thought I'd show a couple of before and after shots relative to the big storm and flooding events of the end of August and beginning of September 2021. I was lucky to visit CITD on both August 8 and September 13, so I saw the differences there firsthand. In a nutshell, those storms removed about 30 feet of built up silt in the Cathedral and pushed it downstream into the lake, creating some interesting navigation hazards for unsuspecting boats approaching with the intent of landing and walking in. I learned you have to land early, and to the left. Then walk in.

Compare these two shots, the first taken in August (at 3553), the second in September (at 3548) after the storms. Similar vantage point, but what a difference... the silt has been moved.

This is August 8, before the storms:

21-08-08 CITD 3 3553.jpg

And this is September 13, after the storms:

21-09-13 CITD 13 3548.jpg

Here's a screen capture from a video showing the flash flood in progress at CITD from the storm of September 1:

21-09-01 Clear Creek CITD 3549.jpg

Finally, two more comparison images from before and after in August and September, looking along the creek bed toward the waterfall in CITD. Pretty amazing differences...

Here's August 8, before the storms, at 3553:

21-08-08 CITD 2 - small 3553.jpg

And here's September 13, after the storms, at 3548:

21-09-12 CITD 1 3548.jpg