Camping at Lone Rock

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Hey, this is my first time to Lone Rock. We plan to beach camp with tents. Can you get pretty close to the water with a truck? Are the bathrooms close by? Can you get through the channel with a boat this time of year? I've always gone to bullfrog and know that side pretty well. We plan to fish the Utah side. Any info would be appreciated.
Yes, with careful navigation thru the loose sand. There is hard gravel from the main restroom building to the edge used for launching small boats. This path is hard to see, but worth the effort. All restrooms are 200 yards + from waters edge. Main channel is only way to upper lake. No more “cut”. 30% chance of getting stuck at Lone Rock in loose sand. Striper fishing in Wahweap arm is good now. Might save you a lot of boat driving. Have fun
Nothing to add much to the details of the others except that it's very easy to get stuck in the sand. The main road in is compacted AB but the rest of it is some of the finest smallest softest sand on the lake. In the winter when it's less traveled and after there is rain it's a lot easier to stay on top of it as it becomes compacted but mostly by now it's been churned up over and over and gets to be like talc.

If you come in on the main compacted road all the way to the waters edge and go right (to the south) it's a Long Beach long dog leg left, I think it's the best part of the area, I like the next half mile or so after the dog leg, you'll be heading East and the views are nice towards lone rock and the bay. If you can drive close to the waterline without going through anyones camp the sand is hard and very drivable down there.

If you look to the south of the beach above the dog leg left towards the high bluff you can see roads up there too going East. You can take those from up top by the bathrooms if you just stay to the right. From up there you can look down to the beach and pick a spot and make a long descent, the 1/8 of a mile or so down to the beach. To me that's the best way not to get stuck especially if you are towing, it's easier to keep your momentum up going down hill. I can't emphasize enough for a Lone Rock Newbie just how soft and sticky the sand is there! I either drive in low close to the waterline or up high where I can descend the hill. If you get stuck you can be up to your axels quickly, bring a shovel, a tow strap and a bucket. The bucket is for water so you can wet the sand down under your wheels if you are stuck. It also helps if you travel in pairs so you can Buddy pull out if you need to but by enlarge most people will help you out in short order if you need it.

Lots of folks bag on Lone Rock because of the crowds and rowdy kids and some of that is true but it's a magnificent beach and I've been on it and by it several times this year. I'll bet it's mostly empty of people now that fall is here.

Lastly I wouldn't try beach launching any boat there right now, the beach is shallow forever and the water is still low. You'll have to drive a few miles over to the new ramp next to State Line. Best of luck!
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If its windy, you will have blowing sand in your tent. Anchor your tent well. I have seen tents roll into the water.
My son used to pull out folks who were stuck in the sand. Helpful if you have 4x4, then no worries.
Take a bathroom tent and your own portapotty for the little folks as they might not make it up to the restroom.
We used to have an ATV to transport the kids to restrooms in the morning.
There is no shade there so bring your own. My son-in-law used to bring a giant shade cloth from the Army surplus auction. So nice.
If its raining, you can always head to Denny's for a hot breakfast in the morning.
Awesome beach camping.
Have a great time!
My friend, who camped there over Labor Day said it was absolutely Mayhem. The worst he’s ever seen in more than 30 years of going there. No Rangers patrolling. Noise way after midnight. Bathroom is not serviced. No fees collected at the booth. But I imagine it’ll be much quieter now.
My Lone Rock story that I share often is that before I had a houseboat I was an avid Lone Rock Camper in my 5th wheel. I used to triple tow my ski boat behind the 5th wheel. The beach was awesome for my little kids, the sand was amazing and the beach really shallow forever. Kid heaven!!

But on one busy night at Lone Rock a guy was waking the beach who looked out of place. I was enjoying a drink by my fire and watched him go by. He was taking it all in, looking all around and he had funny shoes, looked foreign to me.(I've traveled)

When he came back by I said hello and offered to fill his cup. He accepted and we visited by the fire. He was French/Canadian. He said he was a welder and lived in his travel trailer up there with his wife and child. He was vacationing in that trailer and wanted to camp on the water. He said he tried to stay in the campground but it was full and it wasn't near the water so he'd spent the night before in the Wahweap Hotel. In the morning he asked the desk clerk if he could camp on the water somewhere? She said yeah, there is one place nearby called Lone Rock but that he didn't want to stay there; That it was full of Hillbillies with huge diesel trucks, ATV's and Razors. She also said they were all rowdies and had loud boats too.

He told her he'd be checking out immediately. She asked where he was going, he answers Lone Rock! She asked him Why, after everything I told you? He said "That's my tribe" I loved that guy!
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