Bullfrog stripers

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FYI great way to hit slurps and catch a ton of fish is with a water bubble half filled with 5 feet of leader behind it then use a small ( match the hatch) Shad looking FLY or Lure it is deadly Catch a ton of stripers save shad !!!! I have used this technique for years you can quickly and effectively deliver a small light lure a long way if you cast ahead of the school you can see where you are and reel it into position as they approach then reel it into the lead fish... You will occasionally have them eat the bubble LOL A White/Shad streamer, small Kastmaster or other spoon, a small rapala or mini rattle trap will all catch them just use something representative of the size they are feeding on. They key is the distance you can cover with the weight of the water bubble..............instead of just the small lure..... you don't have to get as close so it is much faster and you will spook less of the slurpers...
Mildog out
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Great technique Mildog... I have found the topwater baits big enough to give casting distance can often be too big..
I'm headed out in a couple days and will post any success
Try it you will like it a lot !! It is very effective. My buddy had some Lake Powell newbies out a couple weeks ago and rigged them up that way. They got more stripers out of slurps than he wanted to fillet... even with them getting Slurp fever, he was able to get them into a ton of stripers even though they were up and down pretty quickly. He said no way they could have done it with lighter smaller lures alone. They are hooked pun intended !!!
We rarely use a net when getting stripers in the boat so we get striper thumb. When you get slurp fever and striper thumb at the same time it's a great day. I have never used your technique with a water bubble but I sure will. Thanx for the tip.
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