Bullfrog Slips?

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Curious if anyone has been to the Bullfrog slips since the windstorm? I heard that the docks were damaged/moved enough that you couldn't walk out to your boat. And that both water and electric was out.

Does anyone know their current condition? We are headed down there next week.
I got a text from Bullfrog on Monday saying that the main walkway had been reopened. Water and electricity have been restored in the slips. I'm headed down tomorrow or Monday. I'll post if things are any different than their report suggested.
I left Friday after a week. Slips were back in place and main walkway was open, it still under repair. Electric was on all week with only about an hour outage 1 evening. Water was only on about 1 hour all week. It was taking another pounding Thursday evening and Friday morning when I left
The storm hit on Thursday 9/14/17. Power was turned off as it hit to avoid any electrical accidents. Harbor and Exec crews were on the docks til 11pm and power had been restored to all but J-Dock before they left. The main water line was completely broken around P/Q dock and was out for several days. The crews worked pretty late into the evening the following two days trying to make the main dock walkable again. For a couple days you could only get to P/Q dock and then L/M dock while welding was being done and decking was being fixed. Exec crews were boating people to the docks that weren't accessible or asking people with their own boats to boat around. Everything has been restored except for J Dock which I believe is still without power and water.
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