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Report from Bullfrog
Beautiful weather, lots of sun and blue skies. Clean air, water temp 50 degrees, daytime air temperature upper 50's. Winds calm with water like glass. About the fishing.. Night fishing with anchovies has been as good as ever. Nice healthy fat stripers between three to five pounds. Catch rate 10 per hour (two of us). Loaded up the can both nights in two hours. Fish schools down 50 to 70 feet.

Thanks for the report cup, I’ve been dieting for a little news from the lake. We’re you nightfishing from the docks or your boat?
Y'all making me jealous. Stuck out here in Pahrump doing a remodel while you cats are having fun. Just ain't right
Hey Todd, Gcup, where was Dave and Harv? Good to hear you guy's are down after um. Think I might have to make a trip allso. Were you on Dave's, or the Ugly duckling?
Have a good one.
We were on Dave's boat with Harv & T.
Dave was with us for the first three days, but went to Wendover. We stayed a week breaking in the new boat and catching fish. We were expecting you


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Who got a new boat for Christmas? I would of been down, but I had some kind of bug, or I would have been there.
We come from Halls Crossing side, if we were to bring our boat to fish Bullfrog at night, where would be a good place to start? We went last week for a couple of days, fished mostly in Bullfrog bay, caught some stripers, 2 walleye but it was slow. We graphed plenty of fish mostly scattered at around 70 ft. We were trolling with bottom bouncers saw another boat jigging spoons, we only saw them net one fish in 2 days but hopefully they did better than that, we didn't really spy on them. We go once a month all year, sometimes winter fishing is good, sometimes a little slow.
Day fishing was poor. Not many graphed fish and those were pretty deep and on the bottom. No blood on the new boat. I took it down to break in the engine. Santa was good to me because I was a good boy. It is a black boat like a lump of coal though. I went into partnership with Gold Cup again. I pay for it and he rides in it! ha ha.
This time of year I normally don't take a boat down to the lake. We have night fished off the dock for years and had great success. My advice if you want to fish at night out of a boat go around the tire line and drop a light over the side. I think the cables and slips provide structure for fish. Chumming tended to keep the fish underneath us and kept the bite going. We were in 135 ft of water graphing shad 35 ft thick and stripers all through the water column under them. the bites would come in waves. The bite was soft. If your anchovies are soft, downsizing the hook may work but we lost a lot of fish. Well good luck
You bet GC, It has to be my age in temp before I break out the Harley. Needless to say I won't be riding for a while as it is 12* right now at 9000' Sq
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