Bullfrog Ramp

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I wonder if Aramark is going to try a skate through the whole year with one courtesy dock on the main ramp. It seems insane to me, but who knows ?
As soon as we get closer to warm weather and rec. boating, it will be a REAL CF. Bullfrog has waaay to much traffic for only the one dock.
Docker to the panic button !!!!
I wonder if the ramp over by the houseboats and ferry is still open. I have used it the last 3 years
That ramp (I call it the Exec Services Ramp) wasn't open last year because the water came up. I thought someone said that the other dock had been moved over there already this year, but that the ramp area there is still set up as a parking lot, making it unusable.
If memory serves correctly the national park service is the one responsible for the launch ramp docks.

2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 the main ramp had only one courtesy dock during the summer so it won't be to different from those summers. My biggest issue is when the ferry is down, Aramark has barges that run and take up a good portion of the ramp.
The main ramp is just too busy not to have two docks. I always felt that this was unacceptable but unfortunately this is the norm on the north end. There are days there are way more boats waiting to dock than trucks and trailers waiting to load boats. When you are by yourself or the only legal driver of a rig you have to dock and park your boat there and it can take a half hour or more to get a space. Park service or Aramark get your act together and give us another dock like the southern lake has.
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