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Bullfrog/Moki 10-29,10-30

Chris H

Active Member
Had a really nice day and a half on the lake. Weather was perfect.
No issues launching between the cones. Pretty much just one boat at a time but not really a problem this time of year. Shallow water all around the launch area so just need to be paying attention. Dock is in place.
Fish cleaning station was open when we left.

We fished around Bullfrog Bay and Moki Canyon. Tried for the striper schools just past buoy BF2. Could find the schools but only could get a couple of hits on spoons. Spent most our time jigging rocky points . Caught a few of everything (except crappie) but not a lot of anything. Water temps 63-65. Best areas we found were deeper points off Stanton. Also fished in back of Moki Canyon. Caught a couple stripers trolling into the canyon and smallmouth and catfish jigging points.

Obviously lake has really changed since I was there in May. Not really a problem if you treat it like a place you have never been before. Always a great time.


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