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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by mtnpull, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. mtnpull

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    Hey guys, I just got down to bullfrog this afternoon and sure enough I forgot something. I left an extension cord to plug my boat in at night. I checked here at the marina and called Ticaboo (wow, their service is terrible!) and nobody sells them right here. Any body know where I can pick one up in this area? I'm guessing that I am just out of luck. TIA
  2. Dr. Love

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    I am headed to Bullfrog in the morning from northern Utah. I could bring you one. How long and what gauge? I will be on the Negative Cash Flow, it is the first houseboat you come to on the private slips.
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  3. mtnpull

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    Wow, that is awesome. I am staying at the lodge this time. Not sure what guage. Just a standard 3 prong 50' would work. I could come by your slip after we get off the water tomorrow night. PM me your number and I'll call you when I'm off the water.