Bullfrog fishing is tough!

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Tim Bagley

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IMG_1450.JPG Stripers have been tough and seemed to have moved to shallow water from 15 to 25 feet. Back of Bullfrog is ok in the morning but gets tough in the afternoon. Leaded line with spro jigs and walleye assassin tails are working better than spoons. They are fat with 3" shad in their bellies. Spooning in the back of Lake Canyon produced a few. Large schools on the bumps around Ticcaboo and of course a large school in the back of Red canyon. The large schools on the island near Halls Creek and bouy 93 are small and will only produce a couple before they disappear. Caught a large gizzard shad in Bullfrog Bay around 16". I've parked up down here for a while and fishing on and off so if anyone is interested in going let me know. Weather looks tough the next few days but I'm game.
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Sounds like a good idea! What depth do you think? I haven't been able to find them in the usual spots. They may be shallower also.
Tim wish I knew where to tell you never been down this time of year. Preston I feel your pain, sick of winter!
What is going to be tough is getting that shad stink out of the carpet.

I'm stuck going to Nebraska this week. I know where I would rather be, regardless of how the catching is........

Have fun.
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