Bullfrog Area Fishing Report – 06/23-06/27


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Noticed that there have not been to many fishing reports lately (did read Wayne’s for 06/24) so I’ll give my best spin on fishing from Lake Canyon to Knowles—

When we arrived at our Buoy on Tuesday- A HB neighbor had just completed 10 days of relaxing and fishing. He stated the words we all fear – “You should have been here last week – slurps all over – and fishing was great – Though the last few days have been much slower”:oops:

So a friend and I fished hard for four days – upriver / downriver and of course all areas in-between.

We did find a few slurps in the early morning hours – usually between 7:00 to 9:00 or until the water became to choppy. The slurps were only up for a few moments and in most cases did not reappear—In four days we maybe saw 10 slurps of size – Fish caught out of the slurps were 9-10” so I assume yearlings –Kastmasters to the rescue

We did find on three occasions the stripers hitting the shad hard in a few bushy coves – usually in the AM – Lots of excitement – nice sizes – 2-3lbs and healthy – Surface lures worked best—Plenty of SMB and LMB mixed in –

In total: Four days – 20 stripers and perhaps a total of 30 SMB and LMB. A few of the SMB and LMB were much larger than in previous years.

So though fishing was difficult – we had a blast—

Thanks for everyone’s advice on the Ned rigs – caught a few SMB in the rocks on the Ned setup – though I need more practice

Left early today (Sunday) before the expected winds started to blow

Tight Lines everyone

wayne gustaveson

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Thanks for confirming what I thought was going on uplake. We need patience ( I have none:mad:) to wait for shad to grow large enough for striper boils to begin. While we are waiting continue to catch a few bass and stripers. Hopefully conditions at the end of July will give us the incentive to go catch some nice fish on top.