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Bullfrog Area 11/11- 11/15


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I found the SMB and LGB fishing to be slow / difficult though I did not travel more than 6 to7 miles up river or down. Based on several other reports it appears that GHB was the place to go. Water temp was 62 with air temp about 65. Water was like glass.

Stayed on the HB in Bullfrog north/west field - Other than the coyotes--- it was silent . Bullfrog bay is rather cloudy as you get to the Marina and further back. Did some Striper fishing at the known points at Moki and slightly up river from Moki with limited success.

That being said, the fish finder lit up each time I would go through the HB field -- But I assumed they were carp etc... I was wrong -- I tried spooning with no success so -- since I was responsible for dinner -- I cut up a few skinny strippers --

no more than 50 yards from the HB and within minutes the action was on. I would have to say though that 75% were "snakes" -- sad to see -- caught about 15 within and hour or so.

Saw several boats trolling -- but not sure of their success.

No issues launching - though like others have said -- Keep your motor trimmed up -- Though some rocks are marked -- there are many at 1-2 feet lurking !

Until Next Year !