Bullfrog Area 08/19-08/22


08/19 - Pulled up to the lake near the end of the day on the 19th. Drove around looking for boils for 45 minutes or so and found only one right when it was getting dark. It went down before I could even pull out a rod.

08/20 - Woke up early the next morning by myself to go look for fish on the surface. Pulled up to start casting and noticed a big boil in the distance. Drove over there and instantly the 1 ounce crapmaster (the name that we have given to Cabela's version of a Kastmaster) had a fish on. Couldn't keep the fish off for the next hour and a half. Found two good boils in the same area and a bunch of fish in 30 feet of water. If they weren't on the surface, I could let it sink and reel it in and catch with great success. All stripers were very large and healthy with great fillets. I ended up catching 32 by myself before 8:30 AM. When I arrived back at the houseboat everyone was obviously very intrigued and some of the other lazier fishermen instantly started setting up their rods for the next day.

08/21 - Went out with a much larger crew in the morning. Could not find a single fish on the surface in the same area as the day before. Drove around for a long time and then I eventually found a group of fish on the graph in 30 feet of water and we started sinking our lures and reeling through the school. Ended up keeping 16 stripers, caught 1 smallmouth as well. All fish were extremely healthy just like the day before. I caught 1 large striper that was the length of the inside of the cooler. Every person that came out reeled in at least one of the fish.

08/22 - Started the day the same as the last two days, but couldn't find anything in the same areas as before. Nothing on the surface nor down deeper. Ended up driving around most of the morning looking for a school and couldn't find one. Only one striper was caught.

Overall a great trip with healthy and hard fighting fish. It is possible that the crazy storms and different weather pattern changed where the fish were hanging out and how aggressive they wanted to be. I apologize that I do not have any pictures to post, all pictures were taken on other peoples phones.