Bullfrog 7/13-7/16

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We hit The Rincon to Forgotten. Boils/slurps or Burps were all over the map lots in places and very hard to find in others. Best place for them was in the big bay outside of Moki. Oddly enough Austin was throwing a "Clown" Xrap and was the best producer behind his crease fly on the fly rod. He caught 85% of his fish this trip on the fly rod and was really the most successful in the boils. Chartreuse was the best grub color as well. Tried white grubs and gulp minnows too but the good ole Chartreuse Yammamoto with black fleck was the best. Top water wise, we used spook puppies and the old big spooks. Overall we caught 100-150 stripers and lots of smaller SMB with a few 2-3lb LMB early in the morning on flies and popper plugs. Healthist fish were from Stanton Creek boils and those out in front of Moki. Those fish we did find in the backs of the canyons (Moki, Forgotten, Lake) were pretty skinny. Stripers were anywhere from 16-24". Most often caught again were those in the 19-21" range.

Love Powell and glad Austin and I made it down again for "Boil Season" this year.


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