Bull frog spooning!

Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by Tim Bagley, Feb 15, 2017.

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    Ok,, I've been her for over a month and it changes day to day! Schools are moving from place to place. In front of the old ferry ramp, Moki. ticcaboo. The horn, the island at Halls crossing, I've learned several things, don't lower your spoon lower than the top of the school. If you do you will lose them. Keep them as high in the water column as possible. As soon as they hold close to the bottom they are gone. Keep your spoons high!
  2. Tim Bagley

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    IMG_1554.JPG School at Moki
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    So very jealous of this statement, regardless of the fishing. :)
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    envious, have fun, thanks for posting.
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    That goes right in line with my fish report posted today. We did not find our school from last week so we caught them trolling instead.