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Boat transport from Bullfrog to Page or Grand Junction

We failed to find someone to replace the canvas on our pontoon boat in the Bullfrog area. Thank you very much to those who helped us look. So we need to have it transported elsewhere. Does anyone know of a transport company currently working in the Lake Powell area? I tried several numbers from a google search, but got nowhere. Boat and trailer are 40' long 8'6" wide.
The old enclosure did not come with the boat so no pattern. I contacted the manufacturer and they no longer have the pattern. Thank you to everyone for the help. This website has a pretty amazing community.


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We have taken our houseboat by water to Page several times for service we can’t get at Bullfrog. We’ve had great luck with Lake Powell marine.

The Houseboat cruises at a blazing 7mph and we’ve made it from Bullfrog to Page in a single day. Of course we are under way at first light, but it works.

We tow a speedboat, get a slip for the night at Wahweap. We spend the night, then head back to Bullfrog by speedboat and Lake Powell Marine picks the houseboat up from the slip

Gem Morris

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X2 on Lake Powell Marine.

they will be getting into their very busy season right away if not already so I would jump on this.

You shouldn’t have to have the boat pulled out of the water at Wahweap. The awning guy should be able to do the work while the boat is in the water. The problem will be finding a place to tie it up for a week or 10 days


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I would imagine the cost would be relatively the same as getting a professional to tow to GJ. The slips are $60/night for a 40' boat so $600 for 10 days. Then add the 175 mile round trip fuel cost @$5/gallon for an estimated 90 gallons of fuel would be another $450. So a minimum of $1050 to get the canvas repaired not including any other cost like getting home and coming back down to pick it up... Either way not ideal but the trip down the lake would be much more enjoyable.


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The LAST thing I would do is take it to Sugarhouse awning... They do VERY good work, but I have been “violated hard and deep” with pricing there. If you remove canvas to take to SLC take it to SEWLONG instead.

I would head south instead and get an appointment at the south end of the lake with one of the sew and thread companies and take the boat to Wahweap for a week. Pre order material and all accessories and let them know you are “waiting” as they can all run behind schedule. Crazy Needle, Eric at EJB, and Material Works are all awesome. Material works will be higher price.
Thanks KevinG. Yes, I spoke with Lonnie. He was very nice and his rates are good. I planned to use his services until two amazing members of this forum loaned me their canvas enclosure to make a pattern. Thus eliminating the need to transport the boat. Once again I have to say that I am overwhelmed by the helpfulness and generosity of the WaynesWords community. Thank You!