Blue Notch

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I just got back. Wednesday and Thursday one fish only the entire day. In act of desperation I went all the way down to Escalante and finally found them. I caught twelve going over the points in the channel. I went south from Moqui to Escalante and only charted one small school the entire trip.
The water temp was 46.3 at bull frog and 50.3 down at Escalante. If you hit Escalante give the islands a go. You can see my loops and all my fish came from there.B31525AC-6C5E-45D7-A82E-A1D38165152D.jpeg78C4823D-7787-42F8-A6EF-EC9EFFD9F267.jpeg
Yes, I was looking for schools to try jigging. I went as far north as the first canyon past moqui. I talked to three boats and no one was catching or marking anything. The reason I took the pictures was I didn’t want to be accused of fish tales.

try 40-60 ft deep, anything white, 2-3 mph and go over the points in the channels or canyons.

good luck 👍
I was in bullfrog a week ago.
I trolled from the ridge just north of the Halls buoy field to the gravel bar at the end of bullfrog, and all the way back, and only marked two fish on my finder.
I caught {snagged in the dorsal fin} one carp. That was it for the trip
I feel your pain. My second day I spent 7 hrs working Halls, thinking that the bite would turn on. It never did. I actually struck out in Halls and Bullfrog on the first day. I almost felt like I was at Willard minus the flies. I hope Chovycaptian finds them this week.
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