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Blue Notch / The Horn 11/5 - 11/8


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We had a great trip to the north end Friday 11/5 - Sunday 11/8. Weather was awesome! Fishing was pretty darn good too!

Launched with no issues at Bullfrog -- although it is a bit spooky.

We spent a lot of time between 4 Mile Canyon and the bend at the Horn. Trolling and spooning both produced a lot of stripers with a few walleye mixed in. Trolling shallow plugs (12') resulted in the "smaller" stripers (16") while going deeper (18 - 20') produced the bigger stripers (20"). There was a notable difference in quality of the smaller stripers -- they were all fantastic. The bigger stripers had a lot of fish that were just plain skinny. We never saw any boils. Water temps.

We ended up with one 25" / 6lb striper. Probably the nicest (largest) striper we've caught. I also caught a 7lb catfish. The catfish are really improving, probably due to increased siltation resulting in better soft-bottom habitat.

We also saw a group of 5 otters running around on the bank.

I just wish we could have stayed a few more days!

Enjoy some pictures, and a quick video: