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Biggest Fish - 2021


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I've fished slurper boils in the spring (Jun) on a Seadoo. You can get much closer to the boils and the fish are not nearly as skittish. It's really fun as you don't have to cast as far and can often see the fish chase and grab your bait. I often use a small Kastmaster as 18" trailer to a 3/4oz bucktail jig. Not unusual to catch two per cast. Chuck


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how can you even deal with a fish that big on a seadoo? it seems like it would be pulling you as much as you'd be pulling it.

Edward Gerdemann

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I remember when trout like that were caught at Lees Ferry! Wayne, what would it take to bring big trout back to Lees Ferry? ⁉️

Ed Gerdemann

wayne gustaveson

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The truly great fishing was in the late 70s. There was a reasonable (not excessive) amount of trout stocked and plenty of food in the river. Fishing pressure was light. When I went fishing, launching at Lees Ferry, I only saw a few other boats on the river. We usually caught a dozen fish each - all in the 3-10 pound range.

Fishing changed in the 80s. The great fishery was highlighted in National Geographic Magazine. When I went fishing in the 80s the number of anglers was 10 times greater. I liked to drift down a current and fish on the side where the current turned and ran upstream. I fished right on that current boundary and caught fish every time. After boating pressure increased I would drift down my little spot and then would have to wait for a dozen boats to go passed before I could take another run at my spot.

At the same time the river vegetation changed from the one that the fish really liked to another that was not as productive. I have forgotten the names of the vegetation after all these years. I quit fishing the river in the 80s because I got distracted by the huge adult stripers that were swimming in Wahweap Bay.
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