Best Beaches/Campsites June '22


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I'm headed down for a quick trip with my wife, daughters and their friends - A promised trip. Leaving from Wahweap with a Cruiser 34' and wave runner. I have spent most of my years at LP at Bullfrog area but boat is at Wahweap. Looking for some advice on where to find a fairly close beach for a Cruiser and a wave runner. I have looked on the map and see a few possibilities:

  • Wahweap bay - seems close to fuel for wave runner :) but close to all the marina activity :(
  • Navajo Canyon - Only ever been up here once many years ago on another's boat and much higher water
  • Warm Creek Bay - not Sure how much is left :) and not too familiar with it.

If anyone would be willing to share some recent experiences and advice - no warranties implied :)

Very much appreciated!


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Thanks for the thoughts. I am looking for folks that may have been in Navajo or Warm Creek for a general report as well on the area overall.


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Navajo is great cruising and site seeing, but beaches were way back at higher levels. I presume it's still the same at this low level.
Probably many beaches in Warm Creek, Padre Bay area, you can anchor your cruiser and explore for a suitable site. If you didn't see the thread, Sq is talking about the controversial issue that the super houseboats have put out huge beach bag anchors in Warm Creek, hogging good beaches.

Michael Pyle

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Lots of great beaches in Warm Creek. Gunsight has more beaches than normal at this level. We went it checked it out the other day. Only issue was it was pretty busy and seemed like lots of boats trying to use the narrow channel in the back.

Padre and Cookie jar are also really good right now with lots of spots.

Basically with a cruiser you should be able to find a lot of great spots. The water seemed more fresh in Gunsight compared to warm creek. Not sure why but Warm creek does not seem to get as much fresh flow with the way the entrance is now.

The first half of Gunsight and Warm creek have cell service if that matters. But both lose service the further you go up.

Navajo beaches seem smaller these days and that’s a long way to go up and back if you can’t find anything.



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Navajo Canyon is long, with steep walls and no beaches until you get to the back, which is a long way from the main channel. This is peak season, and those sandy beaches are in high demand.

It's kind of a long way to go to find out that all the nice spits are occupied. You might consider sending a scout in first, before the houseboat burns all that fuel, in case you have to turn around and come back out again to look for an open beach.


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Warm creek isn’t that beautiful in my experiences. Go the extra couple of miles to gunsight or a few more to padre. Both had plenty of beaches last year. Granted that was 10 feet higher then.


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best bet is looka at the sentinel hub and map a plan out.... be prepared to fine 3 or 4 spots as shallow as you wanna go the house boats will have all the really good spots but there is alot of lake out there.. I loved navajo for years but the water and the popularity of that canyon has made it a no go for me the last few years... padre or warm creek are good options to stay close nowadays....