Beautiful time of the year!!!

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Dave I.

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Just so everyone knows, down here in Hanksville and the Northern end of the lake, we are reaching 70 degrees this week and sunny. Come get your fishing on before the spring snowfall hit (Fingers crossed!)
I have not seen any fishing reports, are people spooning up stripers in the north? It is pretty scary how warm it has been, Considering it is early February. I work in Jackson Hole, and there is no snow on the ground for all intents and purposes. Plenty up in the mountains, but it has been 20+ degrees above average much of the winter.....
I have no recent recent fish reports from the north lake or Bullfrog either. We know that stripers were caught from the Bullfrog docks under the lights in January. Those reports indicated a large shad population near the docks as well. I am not graphing threadfin shad schools in the southern lake and no gizzard shad as well. Hopefully they have found a safe place to hang out until spawning time in April and May.

With that said I am confident that following the advice given in the recent fish reports (graphing, trolling and spooning) would result in large catches of stripers in the daytime over the length of the lake.

If anyone has a fish report from uplake we would appreciate you sharing it with us.
I, sadly, have not had anyone pull in and tell me any fishing stories. I'm sure there will be one showing up soon though as I have been seeing more lake traffic on the hwy in recent weeks. Finally got some rain (Snow on the Henries) yesterday, but still hoping for a lot more.
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