Beach Bag mess

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So we were out cruising the lake yesterday and there are a bunch of beaches with beach bags and no boats. I saw at least 5 vacant beaches with filled bags.

It looks like basically these guys are reserving and selling beach spots by saving them with their bags. How is this even allowed?

What a mess.

On top of Basically littering the beaches with huge ugly bags they have to pin the bags to the beach. Each bag takes two pins. LOL 😂

Yeah this is a great solution. Sarcasm

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There have been reports of these bags remaining unused for up to 5 days at a time. Their presence does not indicate that their use is imminent / "someone is on the way". If they are set up on a location that you would like to use, I would suggest anchoring with your own equipment, followed by draining and stacking the bags. I would be tempted to remove the bags from the lake if nobody came to claim them during my stay.

This service was sold to the NPS as a lower-impact alternative to drilling and pinning. As it turns out, they require more pins than just drilling and pinning. It doesn't make much sense until you realize how much this "service" costs and that they have been staged at desirable spots. In reality, the NPS is allowing a company to reserve and rent campsites within an NRA to those that are willing to pay. I will not offer the bags the same respect as I do with a cooler/chairs /shade canopy.


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It is one thing to use these bags installed by a contractor, like an anchoring service for those people unable, due to physical disabilities, who could not anchor their own boats. The contractor can install them for a customer whose houseboat has left the dock and is in transit to the campsite. That same contractor should be required to remove those bags as soon as the houseboat is headed back to the dock. There should be a fine if removal of the bags is not completed within 1 hour of the houseboat leaving the campsite.

It is another thing entirely to stake out a beach and then not be there to use it. An unattended "bagged" campsite deprives another boater of the opportunity to use that spot. This is not, and has never been, right. First Come, First Served has always been the Rule of the Lake. Unattended "bagged" campsites should be considered abandoned, and those bags deflated. If damage to the bags occurs while the campsite is unattended, well, that is what the customer pays insurance for. I am not advocating vandalism, but letting an ultra affluent boater claim a beach and not use it squeezes out a family, a solo fisherman, or a kayaker who can't afford that service, and this IS NOT RIGHT. It creates a 2 tier system sanctioned by the Park Service.

And, who allowed these colors? If bags are to be allowed, they should be REQUIRED to blend into the background.
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At major ski resorts these days, you can pay $50 -$100 supplement for your lift ticket each day and go to the front of the lift line. Disney charges $20 per person per ride to do the same thing over and above their Genie+ or FastPass system. Two tiers for those who have the money. Kind of like flying first class. First to board, extra room and services. It’s a growing mentality getting out of control.