Beach Bag Company please assure all of us on WW that you are being good stewards of Lake Powell


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With the lengthy thread regarding all the Beach Bag's being left on the shore and also being pinned I am amazed that their isn't any representation from that company on this website assuring, the many potential customers, on what they are doing to address all these issue.

I'm headed out this Monday 8/1 and waiting to see for my self first hand what it is truly like. If it is bad, I'll take pictures of empty sites and bags and report it my yearly blog. Hoping it isn't as bad as some have stated.

Would really like to hear from a representative from the company, beach bags, on what is truly going on. Speculation, hearsay and opinions run long and hard and could lead to a very negative marketing aspect towards this company. It would be nice to clear up some of these issues from the company itself.


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I contacted them and asked a few questions and they didn't get back. That isn't to say others shouldn't try, I just wanted to mention my experience.

Gem Morris

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When I listened to their chatter in Padre Bay on channel 16 they were very apologetic for running so far behind, claiming they were very busy. Will get to you as soon as possible, yada, yada, yada