Bass Tournaments 2019

wayne gustaveson

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Updated again 3/12/19. If anyone can add to this list please provide the details. We may have too many tournaments on here now? Let me know which ones are not going to happen?

March 2-3 Wahweap/Stateline UBTT

March 15-17 Bullfrog - UT BASS Nation State Team Qualifier

March 30-31 Bullfrog Bass Federation
April 6-7 - Wahweap/Stateline UBTT
April 13-14 - Bullfrog - Yamamoto Pepper (corrected site)
April 27-28 Bullfrog - UBF

May 4-5 Wahweap/Stateline UBTT

June 8-9 Rocky Mountain Spearfish

October 5-6 Bullfrog - Aramark
October 19-21 Bullfrog Pepper/Yamamoto
October 25-26 Wahweap UBTT Tournament of Champions

November 1-3 Bullfrog - BASS State Nation Qualifier
November 9-11 Wahweap Pepper/Yamamoto
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