Bass hitting topwater lures at Lake Powell

Tony L

That was a great video. I fish topwater poppers here in Oklahoma but have never fished them on Lake Powell. This video has me second guessing that.
My father in law throws spooks and I throw the cheap rebel poppers, the casting distance is really all you benefit with the spooks. they both work fantastic for all the bass species in Powell. We like the bigger size with the strips down the sides and the spot. If the there is no spot on the side we use a black sharpie to make one.

wayne gustaveson

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That was a great video. I fish topwater poppers here in Oklahoma but have never fished them on Lake Powell. This video has me second guessing that.
That must mean you have never fished a striper boil properly. Top water lures are the best and most exciting. Bring some of your poppers next trip.

If you see something crazy going on in a cove try throwing a topwater into the melee.


just plain bill

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with largies i throw the lure just past the scrum, then bring it thru at a medium pace. not really fast at all. would that work with stripers???


Headed to Lake Powell May 10, Houseboating and Headed to towards of Escalante. Going to try whopper ploppers for the first time, I use them here in Corvallis Oregon and they have worked well here for largemouth. We come down every year!!! It doesn't get any better than fishing at Lake Powell. See ya soon!!!!!
Good luck with the whopper ploppers. Let us know how it goes. We’re going down May 23rd to try ploppers for the first time as well.


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I tried the whopper ploppers last year for the first time at Lake Powell. They worked just as well as some of my other favorite topwater baits but they are easy to fish. They are much easier to learn to fish than "walking the dog" or "twitching" poppers.
Well, I tried the whopper ploppers, and it was not as good as i thought it should be. I caught 2 largemouth and 1 smallmouth on the 110 series size plopper, yellow in color. My buddy used the 90 series and had a few hits, but landed 0. We tried off and on all week in many canyons in the escalaunte. We caught several smallmouth (with some good size) and lots of largemouth. Release all. Had a great time as always.


Same here! Early 90's, we get to Powell, late September, and the electronic ignition box takes a dump and all we have is an 8 horse troller and an electric troller. My buddy has his boat but we hardly needed it, at least mornings. My son wakes me up 6AM , "Dad, I saw a boil"!! We look out the camper window, parked 50 feet from the water at Stanton, and a few carp were feeding. Me, "you probably saw a carp"! No sooner I said that, a shad comes out of the water with a striper on it's tail! A fire drill ensued as we scrambled for the rods and started throwing Pop R's! It was nuts for almost 2 hours as we chased stripers around the shoreline! When they sounded, we just waited for them to pop up again somewhere else! The cool thing was, the stripers 'found us' every morning for 6 straight days! We would just wake up, make coffee and wait! Unbelievable trip!!