Back from the lake, now what?

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We have been back 1 week and I lay in bed thinking about the baby QM that are probably growing in parts of my engine, generator, and wash down pump. What can we use at the house to help clean it. I was thinking I read somewhere that a solution of clorox strong enough might do the trick. I was thinking of putting it in the thing that we use to put pink in the engine. I have also heard of salt. What are your thoughts and thanks in advance.
I wouldn't suggest dumping bleach in there. Any hose it comes in contact with will definitely fail prematurely :cool:
I don't think a 10% solution of bleach and water would hurt the rubber hoses, yes straight bleach could be a problem. Run fresh water thru the system after and I think it would be fine. Sq
How quick do the little monsters grow? I've always assumed that my garage kept bass boat would dry before anything grew in my engine or live wells.
Baby quaggas die easily. it is the attached adults that can seal up and survive. Park your boat out in the hot sun and let the heat do it's work. Depending on where you live, you can also have your game and fish/dnr do a decon.....
So I should feel comfortable about letting the boat and seadoos sit for a couple of weeks in 90 degree weather and be fine? They were only in the lake a 7 days. I just didn't know how fast they grew there shell and attached.
When it is hot out, the quarantine time for a boat exposed to mussels is only 5 days. Your boats should be fine, but I would be sure you have everything dried off as best as possible.
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