August 24&25, Good Hope

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I was curious about how the fish would react to the 23 degree drop in air temperatures on Tuesday (70 degrees at 5PM, down from 103 earlier in the week according to Weather Underground), and encouraged by reports of striper boils in GHB at sunrise and sunset on Wayne’s wonderful site, so I decided to check it out myself with a quick overnight Friday into Saturday. Left Bullfrog at 4 PM, went straight to GHB and searched for boils and trolled in Popcorn and Ticaboo until 10 PM. Slept on the boat in a quiet cove In Ticaboo, under a full moon and high clouds . Tried again in AM from 0700 until it got windy at 0900, then threw soft baits at rocks and wall cracks until 3. The result: one little SMB trolling, 2 Red ear sunfish on white grubs. I tried trolling deep, trolling shallow, jigging, topwater, grubs, chasing blips in the graph, everything I knew how to do. I’m still learning this amazing lake, but this is as close as I’ve yet come to being skunked. “That’s why it’s called fishing, not catching.” I love everything about fishing and just want to know more. I saw no one at the fish cleaning station either day, and the mussel inspection guys said they hadn’t heard much from anyone. The reason I’m posting is to see if anyone else had any luck up North Friday or Saturday. At this point, I’m gonna blame full moon, weather changes, windy conditions and “Mercury in retrograde “. I hope someone did well, but I kinda hope it wasn’t just me having tough fishing. BTW, I still had a great trip, didn’t break anything.
Good to see you still have a good attitude. Powell is unbelievable at times and there is also times you don’t think there is a fish in the entire lake. If I were you I’d read ALL the old angler corners archived on the other site. Keep at it. Learning always happens if you let it. Our family has been fishing Powell for over 40 years and just this last trip was the first time we had success at spooning up some Stripers.
The full moon is always going to effect the next days fishing in a negative way, as the fish tend to feed under the light of the full moon. Most predatory fish have 50 times better night vision as compared to daylight. Also any low pressure coming thru will affect there behavior, what we refer to as grumpy. It will instinctively send them deep and lethargic.
I fished with bait in the main channel around Moki this weekend. Bite was slower than normal but we caught around 30 in a few hours midday Saturday. Small boils in Stanton each evening and morning for what its worth.
Cold front and full moon can make tough fishing. The best bite during the day of a full moon is usually mid day. Google Bassmaster lunar calendar and look for best times to fish. Barring any bad weather mixed in, some good fishing can be had in the late morning and early afternoon.
I was at good hope bay monday from 9;00 till 12;00 , trolled popcorn , and good hope caught 1 small mouth bass and a catfish , Real slow fishing full moon , wind. I had some luck yesterday by bullfrog dock and hobie cat . almost got skunked for strippers (caught 4 in 4 days )
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