Aramark's new slip prices...

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Beginning with the new year Aramark slip rent is going up substantially, especially for my end tie at Wahweap.

My 42' houseboat is currently slipped in the perfect location, but, with a $200.00 per month price is less perfect. I went from $11.88 per foot to 17.00 per foot or from $500.00 per month to $714.00 per month.

The price increase has me considering other options. Take on a partner, sell the houseboat, move the boat out of the marina? I had hoped to keep a houseboat in the marina has been a fantastic scenario...not sure where to go from here.

Just got off the phone with my contact at Aramark, and yes, all of this is accurate, unfortunatley.

I may just have to work harder...
and they now require you to put them as a loss payee on your insurance, not sure if I want to go that way, they already charge my credit card upfront for the monthly fee so I owe them nothing so not sure why they would be wanting me to change my insurance. By the way when someone offers the free giveaways if I got it done within a week made me question the legality of this requirement, has anyone investigated this?
Time to find a partner!!! I'll post something shortly. Sole ownership has been precious, but a similar minded fisherman would be welcome.

I don't want to give up the Lake Powell lifestyle. 2016 was by far my most enjoyable year on the water.

In fact, headed up to Wahweap tomorrow before the next storm comes in!
I was disappointed to see the rate increase as well; it's going to cost almost $2500 more to keep our boat tied up in the slip at Bullfrog. It seems ill advised to me, since I think there are actually open slips and no waiting list.
This is a real buzz kill. We the owners of Poco Loco at Halls have seen our end slip go from 662 to $850. this is a big mistake on Aramarks part. Look on Craigs list and there are more boats for sale than I have ever seen. Our boat is now listed on western slope. It was a nice run, but our group all want out. Aramark you blew it.
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The steep price increase doesn't surprise me in the least. They REALLY don't care about you or their employee's!!! It is nothing but GREED!!!
Maybe Aramark will remodel a bunch of the big slips and make more room for us folks who are in much smaller cruisers. That would be nice.
Buy a tent. Don't be a wimp. Use the money you save to retire early. Houseboats are a hassle.....if you are the owner.
My 65' slip at Antelope Point Marina is $1170/mo.

You have to say "Only" in front of the price.. "My 65' slip at Antelope Point Marina is ONLY $1170/mo."

Bumps you up a notch....

Just like when I had a beer and hotdog at the airport, it was "Only $18.95"


Okay, officially looking for a partner, 50% ownership and no pressure! If you want to know more shoot me an email. Rustic, simple, efficient small houseboat. Honda 50's. 42 x 14. Set up for up lake adventures. Currently slipped at Wahweap.
I have had several people contact me asking if I know anyone that wants to buy a houseboat this year already (JayCee from the Poco Loco is one of them Cap N Dickie). The majority of the reason is because of the price hike at Aramark and they are only calling me from the north end of the lake. But I see that it is lake wide which makes sense. It's Aramark.
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A good time to be selling the small houseboats seems to me. There are probably buyers who are jumping to downsize. Or you are lucky to own a small one already.
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