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April 8, 2020 - Lake Shut Down

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wayne gustaveson

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April 8, 2020
Lake Elevation 3600
Water Temperature 54-60 F
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On April 6, 2020, the launch ramps closed at Lake Powell due to the Corona virus, which is infecting people around the world. The closure means that visitor use to Lake Powell is suspended until the virus is controlled. If you have a houseboat moored at a marina, you can access your boat but must remain in the marina. Fishing and swimming is still possible, but only by walking along the shoreline. Another announcement today stated only Kane County residents could recreate on the Utah side of the shoreline of Lake Powell in Kane County. I suspect these closures will continue and change during the month of April. If any situation changes I will put the word out immediately on Wayneswords.net.

I did not venture out to collect data for the fish report due to the closure. This report comes from fish reports given to me by others and my experience during early April in previous years.

Walleye spawn in March and complete their spawning season in April. Walleye do not eat as often when spawning so fishing is slower. When spawning is complete, hungry walleye are much easier to catch. Expect walleye fishing to get better each week until the end of May. Shad spawn during May and walleye revert to eating shad at night. During June, walleye fishing slows down during the day.

Largemouth bass begin spawning when water temperature climbs into the 60s. The cold temperatures in March slowed nest building but now that afternoon temperatures have reached 60 degrees, bass build nests in shallow water in brushy coves or under overhanging rocks when brush is not available. Bass nests are easy to see in clear water conditions. There are some BIG bass this year thanks to the large shad crop from 2019.

Smallmouth bass will begin building spawning beds in the next week or so. They are really cooperating with anglers dropping Ned rigs, Hula grubs, drop shot and Caroline rigs into 10-20 feet of water. Over the weekend, fishing was hot for Smallmouth bass in the southern lake and I assume uplake as well.

Striper fishing is slowing down, as the big fat fish are on the lookout for shad schools. Small stripers are in the backs of canyons in 10-20 feet of water eating plankton. The little fish will hit trolled lures in bright colors and shad colors. Look for schools on the graph. Troll over the school and catch a fish or two. Then return to the striper school spot and drop spoons or cast shad lures. On my last trip casting worked better than spooning.

The last question is where will adult stripers go? Will they move to the main channel where springtime anglers typically catch a bunch of big fish? Or, will they stay in the backs of canyon in shallow water after finding shad pods. There has not been one report of an adult striper caught at the dam or in the main channel where bait fishing is usually HOT! I really wish I could answer that question in real time!

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