Anyone know what happened to the LakePowell App?

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This app was my favorite. It died a somewhat slow death (at least for me) when iOS updates started breaking parts of it until it would no longer run. It was eventually taken down from the App Store. I can't find any info about the authors.

It was the perfect balance for me between a graphical (Google Earth) representation of the lake, points of interest (hikes, arches, ruins), services, buoys with numbers, and canyon names. Every other product I've tried seems to be missing one or more of those items.

Just wondering if anyone knows the story (and secretly if there would be any way to motivate the owners/authors to update it).


if I remember right that was a high school girl from east high in SLC, her dad helped her with the coding as a school project and she ended up selling it in the app store.
Yeah, I remember reading something to that effect. I just wish they'd keep it going. I recommended it to all my Powell friends - they all loved it. I'd pay for it annually if I needed to. It was just that useful to those of us who like to keep the paper maps in the cupboard. I bought the "upgrade" high-resolution map (in-app purchase) and everything.
I was out on the Lake last weekend doing maintenance and tried re-starting this app on my iPhone. It would start up, and it could show my location, but then would die after a few seconds. Even the web site they have under settings is now gone. This was a great app and I relied on it heavily last summer. Very disappointing that I'm going to be able to use it this year.
Yes, you said it, very disappointing. While I'm pretty good at navigating my end of the lake without technology, I especially loved the attractions and hikes features. We really enjoyed being on the lookout for the next listed arch or natural feature as we headed up/down-lake.

I took at least three different apps with me last week and eventually got frustrated with each of them. I would commit to using one throughout the day, but fairly quickly hit my frustration limit and decided life was better without the constant fiddling/zooming/etc necessary to get any meaningful data from them. In fairness, they each have features that people may consider to be more important than those offered by the LakePowell App (depth contours based on current lake level, man overboard, etc), but I don't need any of those features. Just looking for an easy-to-identify visual representation of the lake, approximate location of buoys (with numbers), my position, nearby services, canyons, attractions, and hikes. Oh well...

RIP, LakePowell App! :(
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