Anyone interested in a pheasant hunt?


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For about the last 20 years or so, we have gone to the same ranch in South Dakota on a pheasant hunt. We shoot a lot of birds (read limit out 2 of our 3 days.

I am trying to put together a trip to this same place in December, and need some more guns to make it happen. December 9 - 11 are the dates. Trespass fee is $375/gun. Lodging is about $85/night, but you can split that with another person.

We walk a mix of CRP, trees, food plots, and tall grass. These are all wild birds. The fields are not likely to be pheasant hunted from this weekend up until the proposed trip.

I need at least 12 walkers to make the trip work (the fields are big). I could add a few more if people want to block the fields.

While I have never hunted here in December, my feeling is that there will be a lot of birds because this will be their main source of cover as the crops in the area will be harvested.

This has been a great trip (truly world class) in the past. I hope to make it happen, but still need a few more hunters. If you are interested, email me at the_big_dogs at Or call me at 303 594 19 seven 0.

Wayne, I know you pheasant hunted in the past. Now is your chance to dust off your gun!

Gem Morris

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What city is your jump off point? And, is the $375 per gun per TRIP or per DAY? Do you drive or fly?


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$375 per gun for the three days hunt. We hunt in Herreid, SD. Stay in a hotel in Mobridge. If flying, you can fly into either Pierre South Dakota, or Bismark, ND.

I drive up. It is around 10 hours from Denver.


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Man, I would love to, but I have an annual trip to hawaii the first week of December every year and I'm pretty sure my wife and my staff would boycott if I committed to a trip like this after being gone the previous week! Looks like a ton of fun! I've had a good whitetail hunt in SD and the whole time wanted to be blasting birds.