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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by Dave I., Feb 1, 2017.

  1. Dave I.

    Dave I. Well-Known Member

    Has anyone considered using Dry Ice for food storage or fish freezing at the lake? Is it a sought after commodity while going down to the lake? Is it something everyone wish they could easily find? Any thoughts would be great. The nearest dry ice to Bullfrog is 3 hours away. Would 1 hour away be a benefit?
    Look forward to any and all comments!
    Thanks everyone!
  2. JakeInVegas

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    When I was twelve my father and I drove to British Columbia to fish the Kimsquit river. We packed our food with dry ice as we would be staying on our boat for the week. No problems until we started to eat the fruit we packed. Every nectarine and grape had become carbonated due to the release of CO2 in the cooler. As long as you don't mind a little fizz with your fruit then your good to go.
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  3. Squirrel

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    For extended trips we get dry ice in GJ on the way to Bullfrog. Dry ice is usually good for 5 days. I myself wouldn't drive back to Hanksville, from the lake, just for dry ice. If you are thinking about selling it, I would wonder why the other 3 places in town or Offshore and Bullfrog haven't done it already. It is a nice thought, but there must be reasons. I will be down that way next week and will stop in. Sq
  4. Dave I.

    Dave I. Well-Known Member

    It is an idea I am considering, but most people don't even know about dry ice. I think Hollow mountain tried it once. I'm going to go talk to them and see what they say about it. Due to the sublimation of dry ice, I'm not sure if it would be a viable commodity in such a rural area. I found a good source for it, but don't want to throw money at CO2 that wont sell. haha Still researching though
  5. Dave I.

    Dave I. Well-Known Member

    If all else fails, some dry ice bombs in the back 40 would really get the rumors going in town! lol
  6. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    Growing up, when we went to the lake in the early 80's, my family would always pack out food in coolers with dry ice. It worked very well.

    I think the main reason that they did it was the lack of refrigeration on the houseboats of the time. With the newer houseboat, that needs has diminished (at least for us).

    Personally, even if we were going to use dry ice, I don't think I would buy it around the lake. We would buy it at home and pack our coolers. We wouldn't need it for the ride home as most of the food would be eaten, and we would just pack fish with regular ice.

    I do like that you are looking to add services for the north end of the lake. As seen in the other thread about north end development, I do think most of us that frequent that side of the lake have become self sufficient because of the minimal services currently available.
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  7. Dave I.

    Dave I. Well-Known Member

    The dry ice is just an idea but not something I would stick my life's savings into. Maybe I'll try it for a season and see how it does. Still doing research.

    As I said in the other post, I do think the development would have a real hard time to exist. Not because of a lack of people that go to Bullfrog, but simply because finding decent employees would be a struggle. Anyone that visited Bullfrog last year know exactly how short staffed Aramark was.
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  8. Bill Sampson

    Bill Sampson Well-Known Member

    I bring my frozen goods from Orange County to the Lake every July and get about 3 days use in the cooler. It lasts until people start opening up the cooler.
  9. SDPJ

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    I've done a lot of 3-5 day tent camps at Powell and due to uncertain availability of dry ice up that way, we have always gotten it either in San Diego or along the 15 hour way. We mostly use it to keep ice frozen longer and avoid direct contact with foods. We have had much use for it over the years. For some, I think a proximal place to pack out coolers with ice and dry ice would be great as a last stop but I'm not sure the % of the "for some".
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