Antelope Point Executive Ramp


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Does anyone know if Antelope Point executive ramp is useable yet? I’m referring to the ramp that you can pay for them to drive and park your vehicle for you. If not usable, any idea on the needed water level.


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I remember being told by Ray Elshire (who no longer works there) that they could launch houseboats down to a lake level of 3,555.

In recent photos of the Valet Ramp, you can tell that they "cleaned up" the end of the ramp where the cliff was dynamited during the original construction. They were not allowed to extend the concrete, but you can see where there is freshly exposed rock with no mussel build up. That work might have dropped the lowest launch level to 3,550 or maybe even 3,545, but that is just my guess.


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The pictures from around 2/22/2022 show the end of the ramp in a cliff at 3,528', while there were some pictures posted from 5/1/2022 showing about 5 feet of difference between the bottom of the graded dirt and the water level, with an obvious cliff at the end. The folks who make the decisions for APM would need to figure out how many feet of ramp they need before the trailer drops off the cliff. The grade that would hold a trailer ends exactly at the cliff edge. (Edit: These pictures are from Antelope Valet Ramp by 24 Sleekenforcer. Many thanks for the boots on the ground view. Other note that somewhere on YouTube you can find the videos from the Antelope Executive Ramp construction where they blasted the last bit of sandstone between the excavated ramp and the lake, letting the lake water flood the newly constructed ramp. That explains the rough terrain beyond the end of the concrete that has since been smoothed out.)


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