Another BIG Striper - Randy Tickner

wayne gustaveson

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Randy Tickner was cruising downlake about a mile past Gregory Butte in the main channel (mm28), with the entry to West Canyon not too far away. He saw a big fish floating on the surface. He slowed down and picked it up. It was a fresh floater. It looked like it had just been nicked by a prop. He took this picture and shared it with us. I wish he could have caught it while he was fishing. Randy - Thanks for sharing this big striper with us. WG



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We saw one about that size in the main channel floating outside of Face on Sunday.
Was it this one? It was out in padre on friday. I couldn't get closer because it smelled to terrible and the other passengers on my boat were whining:) you can't tell from the picture because there is no reference, but it was a huge fish.